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Post-Doc in an interdisciplinary project involving human movement biomechanics

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm,

one of Europe’s leading technical universities, is looking for a

Postdoc to an interdisciplinary project in engineering and human movement biomechanics.

The candidate will work at the KTH BioMEx Center at the School of Engineering Sciences at KTH. S/he will also work closely with the Visualization group at the School of Computer Science and Communication, and as well as with an occupational therapist from Karolinska Institutet in a clinical setting for patients with upper extremity motor dysfunction.

This interdisciplinary project comprises expertise from computer science, biomechanics and occupational therapy. We work towards exciting new technologies to make the lifes of patients with motor disabilities easier. This project has a very high societal impact.

Project description

Ability-optimized design: The successful applicant will develop an approach to personalize everyday tools for people with motor disabilities. Patients with motor disabilities struggle with performing a large number of daily activities such as autonomously eating, washing, clothing, or walking. A large number of tools exist to aid with these daily activities. For example, different spoons and other silverware have been developed for patients with motor disabilities. However, these tools are generic in the sense that they have been designed for a larger group of patients. Hence, therapists often have to adapt them manually to work for a specific patient. This is a tedious trial-and-error task that often involves bending metal and other materials. The aim of this project is to develop methods that allow for a rapid production of a tool specifically designed for a single patient. Our methodology builds upon recording the preferred movements of a patient for specific tasks. A subsequent optimization step aims at adapting the geometry and other aspects of a tool to the motor abilities of the patient under the constraint of maintaining the tool’s utility. The result is fabricated using rapid production methods such as 3D printing. It is therefore readily available to the patient.


  • PhD in electrical engineering, computer science, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, physics, or a related science. We will also consider applicants who are about to finish their degree.
  • Good programming skills or high motivation to learn Familiarity with hardware projects based on Arduino (particularly using inertial sensors) or good motivation to learn
  • Social skills and motivation to meet patients and perform experiments
  • Good spoken and written English communicating skills
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Some knowledge of Swedish is desirable, but not required

The position is non-tenurable with initial appointment for one year and the possibility of one-year renewals subject to availability of funds and satisfactory performance.


Apply according to the procedures laid out here:

Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than 2016-10-15. Mark your application with reference number S-2016-0922.

About the scholarship

Period: One year with the possibility of a one-year renewal
Stipend compensation: 24 000 SEK per month
Extent: Full-time
Positions: 1
Location: Stockholm
Start date: Flexible, preferably during late 2016 or early 2017.


See https://www.kth.se/en/om/work-at-kth/stipendier/postdoc-to-interdisciplinary-project-in-engineering-and-human-movement-biomechanics-1.671655 for details.