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Meeting, Brest (8.-11.06.2022)

20th Annual CAOS
Meeting, Brest (8.-11.06.2022)


CAOS meetings are back!

After two years dedicated to fight against COVID 19, we are back! And it is with a great pleasure that we will revive the international conference on Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) in Brest, France, from June 8th to 11th 2022.

CAOS is now entering a new world: the world of Data. For years, we have been successfully focused on the development and clinical use of new technologies, sensors, software and clinical workflows. And, so far, the first main contribution of CAOS to Orthopaedics was to raise a lot of new fundamental questions.

The time has now come to go further and to answer these questions!

The explosion of new technologies offers us access to a tremendous amount of data. Connected implants, smart instruments, IoT… all contribute to the development of quantitative approaches which will transform, in outpatient, the healthcare organisations, as well as the relationships within the communities (patients, healthcare professionals, and wider society).

Producing data implies also managing them. Data warehouse interconnections, massive access to clinical databases, connection between research and clinical datasets, links between biology, surgery and engineering: so many concepts that will transform our world. Data storage, transmission, sharing, analysis and securing will therefore become major issues in our future.

The conference will be the place where newcomers, experienced engineers, surgeons, and researchers will have the unique opportunity to mix their cultures and their knowledge, in order to tackle these challenges and to design the future of orthopaedics. Pre-Conference Workshops and focus groups will address cutting-edge and promising technologies in a pedagogic way. The main conference will put forward the latest research and innovations in CAOS. And, the technical exhibit will be the place for face to face discussions with startups or companies in the field.

Being part of this outstanding event will be therefore an exceptional opportunity for you and we are looking forward to warmly welcome you to Brest in June 2022!

Call for abstracts